The more comfortable we are around each other, the better the photos. So we’ve built an entire business around loving our people well. We empathize and form meaningful connections with you to ensure your day is exactly what you want with photos to match. 

We capture the day through the lens you give us just the way it happens. And heck ya, you can expect us to dance the night away right alongside you because we want to join in the FUN with you! 

We don’t just love “love”—we love relationships.

Meet the team


CEO & Founder | Lead Photographer

I adore living life and want to be a small part of ensuring that others do as well. Maybe this desire comes from my family support system, how deep relationships were modeled for me growing up, OR my love for Jesus and how He loves us. In any case, I firmly believe in empowering people to succeed and see JOY in everything!

Most days, you’ll probably find me in my natural habitat at a coffee shop sipping on hot chocolate or lemon soda—I know it’s not coffee, LOL—or walking barefoot or biking in the country. BUT I would much rather be dancing and screaming along with you to a random song from 1975!

WOOHOO!! I am so stoked you’re here!

First things first, helping people feel safe, understood, and valued has shaped who I am as a person and a photographer. 

We may be fast friends if you enjoy getting lost in conversation and crying happy tears together at the end of your wedding day. And in case you have any doubts, I am the person who’s going to try new restaurants with you and join you at the lake long after your wedding. Once we’re connected, you’re stuck with me, ha! 

If you’re looking for someone who is removed from the process and just shows up with a shot list, well, that ain’t me! But if you’re like, YUP, this is my guy, I look forward to seeing you in my inbox. ;)

I get it. I may not be the photographer for everyone, and it’s all good. 

I want to do more than just take nice photos of you. I will lend you my shoes, pin your boutonnière, put on your eyelashes—yes, I’ve done all of those things—and help with whatever you need. Since I live in Oklahoma, I frequently travel for weddings, so I will literally go the extra mile for you, LOL! 

You probably won’t find me in my free time because I’ll be at the farm across the country cooking Nepalese food or hiding out working on a macrame project. But hey, as soon as you need me, I’ll be on a plane in an instant! I can’t wait to connect with you and hopefully belt out “Steal My Girl” in the car with you someday soon! 

The culture he has built provides a sense of belonging and enthusiasm for relationships that is unrivaled both in and beyond the photography world. My role is to come alongside you and provide support and peace of mind through the wedding planning process. My joy is in getting to know and encourage you so you feel seen and taken care of while ensuring a fun and memorable photo experience.

First, I've got to say, Joining Ivan’s team was one of my best decisions.

I’m so excited to meet you!

Associate Photographer


- The Thoelke’s 

"We had Madison as our photographer, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with! She made us feel very comfortable, made our day feel very special & was extremely flexible and quick on her feet when we got rained out on our photos and ceremony! She made the day go smoothly and was very helpful. Not to mention, the photos were amazing! We so appreciate Madison and everything she does!!!"

"My husband and I chose Ivan Amssan Photography for our wedding, and we are so happy that we did!"


Executive Administator

You could say this comes from the support system of 7 other siblings or my Asian heritage, but service is a BIG love language of mine.

You most likely can find me anywhere in a patch of sun soaking up the rays or outdoors adventuring up a mountain or floating the day away on a lake (shout out to all my adrenaline junkies!) When I am not gallivanting around the world, you can find me here — ready to send a contract, take a call, and make your dream day become a reality!

I can’t wait to meet you!


Service and belonging are two keywords in my life!  I want to be able to ensure that people feel like they belong by providing safe spaces and being present in whatever capacity people need me to be.

- The Molden's


"Ivan Amssan Photography creates such an enjoyable atmosphere that isn't awkward at all. They're so helpful and are incredible at what they do. It's so much more than a photography session; they truly care about the people they shoot for!!"

- The Jimenez's 


"You won’t be sorry—100/10 recommend! At the end of the day, not only do you have photographers you know and trust but also friends." 

- The mack's 


"Ivan Amssan Photography was very fun to work with and went out of their way to get shots that were special to us." 

Cheers From Our People