November 1, 2021

Ashley and Sam | The Pines White Venue


It all started in the DM’s…

Okay okay before it gets weird let explain, lol

When Ashley reached out bout us photographing her simple bohemian wedding at the Pines White venue, we sadly were not open for 2021 booking.

…but Ashley wasn’t taking no for an answer, HA!

Months later she reached out to us again and to my shock, her wedding date was the only date for miles that was still available.

If you weren’t quite sure… the rest was history!

Being that one of their fears was being uncomfortable with their photographer, finding one that they could establish a relationship with was super important to them.

And boy are we glad it was. Looking back on this day, it was truly a few best friends having fun together.

And that’s all we could ask for.

To these “Bosses”: Ash + Sam (Sorry for the inside joke there, ha!)

It’s crazy to think that we talked so much about how comfortable you wanted this day to feel and how really, at the core, you wanted it to be about family and friends.

Your wedding day manifested that way – perfectly.

Through every tear, every smile, and of course some dang good Gigi’s Cupcakes cake, we found out what it’s like to be present and experience joy together.

Thank you for letting Ivan Amssan Photography be a part of your day.

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