November 1, 2021

Steph and Blake | North Dakota Fall Wedding | North Dakota Wedding Photographer


When I met these two I knew we couldn’t be far off from a great friendship.

Let me take you straight to their engagement session to paint the picture. In the fields of some random spot in the forest Steph, Blake, and I laughed our absolute butts off about the most random of things, and it was then that I realized we were all such a good fit for each other.

You see, in my time with them, I realized at the core of their wedding day, they wanted to be present with the people that meant the most to them. They wanted a day full of joy.

I am grateful to say I think we did that for them.

When I look at their photos I see humanity – happy and unphased by the world. I see people present as they feel every laugh.

This is what we live for here at Ivan Amssan Photography Co. It never gets old. And I hope as you read this post and see these images, you feel the same way.

Here’s to the Krueger’s!

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